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Advanced production technologies are only manageable with high-tech nonwovens. Why?
They give protection from harmful emissions by safe filtration of liquids and safe absorption of oil and chemicals.

As a subsidiary of EuroVlies Nord and since its foundation in 2010, A3 Vliesstoffe GmbH has been offering professional engagement, comprehensive technical know-how and a high qualification. Best support is given to our customers world-wide in order to reach an improved workflow of their production processes.

The development of our innovative 3-D-Nonwovens Filtraking Plus and Filtraloom achieved an extraordinary result in the field of liquid filtration. The particular composition of fibres of these 3D-Nonwovens set a milestone in the filtration market.

A3 Vliesstoffe supports and supplies to different kinds of industries like metal-working, wood and chemical – a real challenge due to its wide range of applications.

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